Leather Fashion Academy

Provides you with a unique learning experience

Welcome to the site of the Lfa; with us you will learn to make leather clothing on a professional level. And in addition to clothing, you can also learn to make accessories with us.

What does the Lfa have to offer you:
with us you will go from unconsciously competent to a consciously competent craftsman/woman.
We'll let your talents flourish You will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that will help you move forward independently and help you turn your own creativity into perfect results.

The Leather fashion academy offers you personal guidance and craft mastery.
It goes without saying that we will teach you to work at a high professional level. By keeping the groups small, we can ensure the best individual guidance for everyone.

The Lfa evolved from:
a lifelong passion for-and great knowledge of-the material leather. Working leather is a craft almost as old as mankind itself, and out of respect for this craft, the Lfa sets the bar for craftsmanship high. Complement this with over thirty years of experience in learning couture at the highest level, years of experience and a 1st degree in education.

Because Leather fashion academy is registered with the Central Register for Short Professional Education(CRKBO), the training is VAT-free for students.