About Lfa

A few facts about leather

Leather is a beautiful, highly durable material of natural origin. Its combination of strength and suppleness means it has many uses.
Did you know that the vast majority of leather is a recycled waste product? This makes it a relatively ecologically sound base material for numerous applications.

The lexicon of the International Council of Tanners, 2009 (ICT, internatoinal council of tanners) defines the material leather as follows:
"Leather: a general term for a skin or sheet with the original fiber structure more or less intact, tanned in such a way that it does not rot. The hair or wool may or may not have been removed. Leather is also a hide or skin which has been split into layers or divided into sections before or after tanning."

The processing of leather in clothing is a special specialty; it places demands on materials and techniques that often differ from common textile applications. And this is precisely what the Lfa specializes in.

About Hanneke kramers

Hanneke Kramers has been established for over thirty years as an independent couturier specializing in leather, under the brand name Hanneke Kramers Couture. Her work can be found in the collections of several major Dutch couturiers and designers such as Mart Visser, the late Edgar Vos and Frank Govers. In addition, Hanneke is a first-grade qualified teacher of art education.

For years she has taught courses, teaching modules and professional classes at various fashion colleges for mbo and hbo, interested and advanced professionals. This unfortunately never covered the full breadth of the field in which Hanneke has such a high degree of expertise.
Therefore, she felt it was high time for an education in which she could express all facets of her passion. All in all, a great opportunity for anyone who really wants to learn about leather!