Privacy Statement

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) law came into force throughout the European Union. This law gives people more and stronger rights when it comes to privacy. For example, you can now exercise the right to be forgotten. As a result, companies must destroy your data upon request. With this, then, the AVG also affects businesses. These, in turn, are given more responsibilities. This also applies to Leather fashion academy. For example, Leather fashion academy must disclose what personal data it collects, why it collects it, what it is used for and how long we store personal data. In the privacy statement below, we have tried to explain this in a clear and concise manner.

Leather fashion academy puts quality and service first in everything it does, including its privacy policy. The privacy policy, and thus the privacy statement below, has thus been prepared with the utmost care. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that an error has unexpectedly crept in or that a passage may be unclear. If this is the case we would like to hear about it. In this case, please contact our data protection officer (see section 10).

Learn more about the AVG: personal data authority website

Last modified privacy statement: 08-08-2018


1. Details Leather fashion academy

This privacy statement covers the following:

Leather fashion academy

Bosplaat 26

1025 AT Amsterdam

020 63 444 35

06 12 468 033

Chamber of Commerce: 33185839

2. Information that Leather fashion academy processes

Leather fashion academy processes personal data in the performance of its services. These personal data collected are:

  • Contact information
  • Payment details
  • Technical and user data


Contact information

Leather fashion academy processes personal data when Individuals share, complete, and/or send data with us via email and telephone. The information Leather fashion academy receives includes name and address, telephone numbers, email address and/or gender.

Payment details

Leather fashion academy processes payment information when Individuals share, complete, and/or submit data with us when entering into an agreement. This payment information consists of an IBAN number. Leather fashion academy uses this information to collect the amount due.

Technical and user data

Leather fashion academy automatically processes, including with cookies, data about the use of the website. This dates may include the I.P. address, date, time, browser information, pages visited. Leather fashion academy collects this data to analyze behavior on the website. We can use the conclusions we draw from this data to take action on our website.

3. Basis of processing.

Leather fashion academy collects personal data from the above categories because its services require it. Within the AVG, 6 grounds have been laid down on which a company may rely when processing personal data. In principle, Leather fashion academy relies on the fact that:

The processing of data is necessary for the performance of a contract.

Or because,

The processing of data is necessary for the protection of legitimate interests.

In addition to Leather fashion academy invoking the above grounds, in some cases we also ask for consent to process personal data. In Section 4, we elaborate on the different ways we can ask for consent.

4. Consent to collect data.



Leather fashion academy places cookies when a person visits the website. Functional cookies are set by default. This is because without the functional cookies, the website does not work. Leather fashion academy does not place non-functional cookies.


Data that a person sends through the Leather fashion academy website is transmitted encrypted over an Https connection. This is where explicit permission to process the data entered is requested. This is through an opt-in at the bottom of the form.

Leather fashion academy cannot perform its service optimally if specified data may not be processed. For this reason, agreeing to data processing is necessary to share information with Leather fashion academy.

Everyone has the right to withdraw the consent given at any time, without giving any reason. For this we refer to Section 7.

5. Data retention period

All data shared with Leather fashion academy has a maximum retention period equal to the duration of the training and/or the start of the training if it is in the future. Whichever is longer, or whether a third party with authority (e.g., the government) imposes additional retention period requirements.

6. Third party data processing

Leather fashion academy also has data processed by third parties. Leather fashion academy has entered into a data processing agreement with the partners listed below for this reason. Leather fashion academy stresses that it has carefully selected its partners. In the future, these may be supplemented or reduced.

  • Hostnet

7. Right to access, rectify or delete personal data.

Anyone who has ever shared data with Leather fashion academy (data subject) has the right to access this personal data. Leather fashion academy will provide these personal data to the data subject in a clear and structured manner if requested.

If the data subject wishes to access or remove personal dates, please contact Hanneke Kramers of the Leather fashion academy (see paragraph 10). This requires that the identity of the individual can be verified. Only in this way can we guarantee secure transmission of data.

We can accept requests that meet the conditions of secure data transfer. Leather fashion academy will comply with a request as soon as possible, however, it reserves itself the right to extend this period if the request is complex in nature.

8. Personal data security

Leather fashion academy has appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to prevent the loss or theft of personal data.

9. Data breach

By Leather fashion academy, dates(a datesbreak-in, a lost usb stick or stolen laptop and/or fire in the dates) are documented by the data protection officer in order to comply with the datesnotification requirement.

10. Data protection officer

Mrs. H. Kramers

Bosplaat 26

1025 AT Amsterdam

020-634 4435

06-1246 8033

In the case of accessing, rectifying or erasing personal data, we recommend reading paragraph 7 carefully.