I can’t resist the urge to come up with something old and personal.
At the end of the year, taking a look back is appropriate.

Finally, I have tangible proof that my grandfather was really with the company PhP van Baak. I found this photo from 1942 of my grandfather’s 25th anniversary celebration at the business. Just look at how they highlight staff, even in wartime!

A beautiful photo, with specially brought plants and flowers, a big certificate and the whole family and bosses on it. Where would that happen today?

My grandfather is in the large photo, 4th from the left with my grandmother on his left, behind her is my mother and next to her is my aunt. Unfortunately, none of these dear people are among us anymore. How much I would have liked to know and ask them.

Would there still be people in this photo, or relatives of them, alive? How I would love to connect with them!

This image is from a photo album tanned by my grandfather and made entirely by hand, which he had given to my mother as a gift. Now it is in my possession, as are the poufs I wrote about in February’s blog. I cherish these objects, now about a hundred years old (!) and so beautifully and well made.

Every day I look at it and am delighted by this beautiful sustainable product. I believe they will survive me too and hope they will end up in a nice place. Who knows, maybe with one of my daughters.