The leather pants and Lfa news

Welcome again to my blog page. First of all, I wish you all a wonderful, long summer, free of corona! In September, the ’21-’22 school year will start again at the Lfa with new training and courses. More on that later, but now first a little story about a very special piece of clothing:

The leather pants!

For many people – myself included – leather pants are a special piece of clothing. Wearing leather pants does something to you. Really You feel different, more confident, cool, stylish or sexy! Not everyone can or wants to wear leather pants; in fact, many people abhor them. But those men and women who -sometimes after dreaming for a long time, weighing or saving up- decide to purchase one, know that good-fitting leather pants can be a thrill. A piece of power-dressing!

I made my first pants when I was 12, under the guidance of my mother’s home seamstress (a common occurrence for middle-class families in the 1960s-70s).

Later, at the Art Academy in Den Bosch, I learned that you could have leather pants made in Amsterdam for a reasonable price. Well, that seemed like a good idea! So I took the plunge and on to the Capital.

The address was a tiny dark basement cellar on the Blauwburgwal in downtown. I was measured by nice professionals and we discussed the color and model. A few weeks later, I picked it up. It was such a success that my boyfriend, later my husband, wanted to wear it all the time too! What fun we had with that particular garment….

At the time, I could not have imagined at all that a few years later I would have my own fashion label in leather clothing. And certainly not that even later, -today- I get to pass on my expertise in that field to the talented students of my own Lfa. Therefore:

New courses
There are now three courses devoted to leather pants: the Ladies’ Trousers course, the Men’s Trousers course and a course on trouser fitting and alteration.

Separate menswear program
In addition, due to increasing demand, I have put together an annual menswear course in addition to the womenswear course.

And of course, I will keep my best running workshop “learn to recognize leather” and the other workshops in the program.
Also new is the option to take a course in the form of a private lesson. Wondering what else there is to learn on the Lfa? Check out my training page and hope to see you soon!