Crafts from students

We can conclude the first six months of the Lfa with wonderful results! The students worked very hard and made tremendous progress. All students completed research on materials and techniques for their own creation. This began with formulating ideas for a pattern and choosing which materials to use. Then the patterns were made for their own design, which were then executed in toile to perfect the fit.

The next phase was the most important and exciting: realizing the garment in the chosen material.
Clockwise we see:
1) A year-long student created this spectacular design: a skirt/dress made of supple, light gray Ralph Lauren calfskin, note the perfect fit!

2) These two tailored fancy skirts are products of students from the half-year course Leather Processing Part 1. All learned techniques, such as a blind zipper, an open slit and an overlay with hairstitching are incorporated into these skirts.
On the right, a festive skirt in beautifully patterned furniture fabric from the student’s own collection, and on the left, a chic skirt in dark brown printed lambskin.

3) Also, this very elegantly styled jacket-pantaloon combination is a creation of a year-long student. Here, she combines black Japanese beef plongé leather (a luxurious kind with the suppleness of silk) with a woven, felted wool fabric by Dries van Noten.
Combining materials with very different properties, such as in this case leather and wool, is an example of the specialties that resides within the Lfa.